How to Clean, Maintain and Care for Dumbbell’s

How to Clean, Maintain and Care for Dumbbell’s

Dumbbells are one of the most handy and inexpensive fitness equipment you will come across. Because of this, it is also the most versatile. Moreover, it is easy to use in multiple workouts be it fitness building, abs, losing weight or core training.

As dumbbells are small and have no complicated attachments, many people just give them a casual wipe. Even though cleaning them is no rocket science, it should still be done properly and systematically. If not, it can affect the durability and condition of the dumbbells along with your health.

In this guide, we are going to discuss how to keep your dumbbells clean, neat and well-maintained.

1. How to Clean Rubber Dumbbells

Rubber dumbbells are known all over for their shock-absorbing properties and durability. Therefore, you will find them in all gyms and even at home. To ensure that they last you long and work perfectly, follow these easy cleaning tips.

  • Take a mild detergent and a mug of water. Mix the detergent in water and clean the rubber dumbbells with a wet cloth.
  • Remember to use a soft cloth – preferably a microfiber cloth and lightly scrub the surface of the dumbbells.

Pro Tip: Some people gently wipe it off. However, you need to scrub a little to get the dirt and germs out.

  • Dry the dumbbells thoroughly to ensure that no moisture-related issues arise. Air-drying is the best option. Don’t use hair dryers or other drying equipment as it can harm the rubber.

2. How to Clean Iron Cast Dumbbells

If you have iron cast dumbbells, cleaning them requires a different cleaning method. But, there are no complexities involved.

  • Take a bowl. Add equal amounts of white vinegar and water.
  • Use a sponge or cloth to apply the solution generously to all the parts. Don’t forget the handles.
  • Don’t wash it off. Just wipe and dry, you can leave it to air dry.
  • If needed, apply a lubricant to make sure that the dumbbell does not rust.

This method is perfect for cleaning all your dumbbell rods too.

Bonus Tips for Maintaining Your Dumbbells

Simply cleaning your dumbbells only ensures that they remain clean and don’t wear out. But, if you want to ensure longevity and cleanliness, you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

Maintain A Cleaning Schedule

Depending on the types of dumbbells you have, you need to have a proper cleaning schedule. No need to clean the dumbbells after every use.

Hex dumbbells are made out of cast iron. Therefore, you need to clean them more thoroughly and frequently as compared to the neoprene dumbbells. This is because there is a chance of the dumbbells rusting. When you exercise, you sweat. This in turn wets the dumbbells and can cause rusting if not cleaned properly.  

Don’t Submerge the Dumbbells

NEVER, we repeat NEVER submerge your dumbbells in water. There is a risk of internal damage as water can easily seep into the small crevices and holes. If this happens, the iron-cast dumbbells can quickly rust. On the other hand, the rubber dumbbells are at a risk of material degradation.

Lubricate When Required

Lubrication is a key component for cast-iron dumbbells. It always for the smooth working and overall health of the dumbbells. For rubber ones, you don’t need to bother about any sort of lubrication.

Final Word – Invest in Good Quality Dumbbells

Last but not the least, you should invest in some high-quality dumbbells like the ones available at Fitness Depot. When you have the best, you don’t need to bother a lot about anything. Nevertheless, taking care, cleaning and maintaining them is also required. But, our dumbbells are some of the best in the business. So, there won’t be any quality issues.

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