Warranty Policy


  • 1 year steel frame warranty.
  • 6 months jogging belt replacement warranty*
  • 6 months motor repair warranty**.
  • 3 months replacement warranty for all other electric components***.

All Other Cardio Equipment:

  • 1 year steel frame warranty.
  • 3 months repair/replacement warranty for all electric components.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The warranty does not cover any plastic parts like the side rails, motor covers, body covers, paddles and etcetera.
  • The warranty does not cover ball bearings or any other mechanical components.
  • A visitation fee of RS. 800/- will be charged on every visit & on every service.
  • All complaints must be registered through our website or through our official complaint number.
  • Customers are required to provide their invoice number at the time of complaint registration.
  • If you are registering your complaint through our website, please upload a picture of your product invoice and warranty card.
  • Customers are advised to note their complaint number provided by our service team.
  • Upon the visit of our technician, please provide him/her with the original invoice and warranty card.
  • This warranty does not cover any damage caused by voltage fluctuations.
  • The customer needs to bare all transportation charges, in case a machine needs to be taken to our service center.

*Only valid in the case where the belt is broken from its joint. The warranty doesn’t cover the normal wear and tear of the belt.

**The warranty on the motor gets void in the case where our technician determines that the damage is due to negligence of the user. Instances includes, but not limited to, damage to the motor caused by not following the maximum user weight limit of the machine, damage caused by voltage fluctuation and damage caused due to burning. In any case where a new motor is required, the customer have to pay for the new motor.

***Not valid in the case where our technician determines that the damage is caused due to voltage fluctuation.

IMPORTANT: This warranty is only for customers living in Karachi and Lahore.

Recommended Precautions:

  • Customers are advised, not to exceed the recommended continuous running time of their equipment.
  • Please allow your equipment to rest for at least 30 minutes after every workout to avoid overheating of the motor.
  • Strictly follow the maximum user weight limit of your equipment.
  • In the case of voltage fluctuations, we advise our customers to use a voltage stabilizer with their equipment to avoid damage to the electric components.
  • Do not run your equipment on generators & UPS systems.
  • When using your treadmill, please allow it to reach a speed of 2.0 km/h before stepping on the belt.
  • Please lubricate your treadmill twice a week by applying silicon underneath the jogging belt.
  • We recommend our customers to get their treadmill services every 3 to 4 months.

Warranty Claim Form