5 Mistakes to Avoid While Using the Leg Press

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Using the Leg Press

The leg press is a difficult-to-miss piece of commercial gym equipment as it is very popular. It targets the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves – making it perfect for your overall leg muscles. If you want to maximise the results of this resistance training exercise, you need to achieve the perfect form.

You just need to move a weight from point A to B. Sometimes, the simplicity of the exercise confuses people into lifting heavier weights than normal.

Wrong form and heavy weights – a recipe for disaster!

In this blog, we will talk about the 5 top mistakes people make with leg presses and how to avoid them.

1.  Lowering the Sled Too Far Down

The biggest mistake you can make with a leg press is to lower the sledge too far. This can happen due to multiple reasons. Firstly, you might not be aware of the proper form or how far the sled should go. Secondly, you might be using heavier weights. Thirdly, you might not be able to control the weight properly when bringing the weight platform down.

When this happens, your back and butt lift off from the pad. This can be very dangerous and result in serious injury to the lumbar disks. Moreover, it takes off the pressure and tension from the legs – making the exercise ineffective.

To avoid this, consider turning your knees outward slightly before you bring down the weight.

2.  Not Placing the Heels on the Pad

Your foot should be firmly placed on the foot pad. This includes your heels also. If your heel is dangling off, it puts pressure on the top of your foot. When there is excessive pressure on the top of the foot, the strain is transferred to the knees. People subconsciously pick up their heels when they are pushing the weight forward. Again, this is wrong.

To avoid making this mistake, you need to use the entire foot to push the weight up. In this way, the pressure will be evenly distributed throughout the foot.

3.  Doing Partial Reps

Your mantra should be to “Go Big or Go Home”. If you are not doing complete reps and stop at partial reps – there is no point in doing the exercise. Moreover, the best thing about the leg presses is that they can be used to target a range of leg muscles. Some people load greater weights on the leg press and move just an inch or so and don’t even realize that they are doing it wrong.

To avoid doing partial reps, remember to bring your knees to a 90-degree angle when you push the weight back.

4.  Collapsing the Knees Inwards or Outwards

Unconsciously, you might end up collapsing the knees inwards while pulling the weight. This can lead to ACL injury (anterior cruciate ligament) which can be fatal.

The best way to avoid bending the knees is to use bands like the resistance band from Fitness Depot. You can wear it on your knee.

5.  Turning Your Feet

If you notice, most of the mistakes are related to the feet. This is because that is the major thing being used. Turning your feet inward or outward can be dangerous while using the leg press. This pressure will flow to the knees and can cause injury.

To avoid this, start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Or, you can turn them slightly outward.

Final Words

Try avoiding these mistakes to make the most of the leg press. To make sure you are dealing with the best equipment, go over to Fitness Depot. The leg press machines are top-notch and high-quality.

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