Dirt Don’t Hurt – The Benefits Mountain Biking

Dirt Don’t Hurt – The Benefits Mountain Biking

Bike riding is one exercise that can be done at any age, anywhere. We all have been exposed since childhood to it before we even understood the benefits it offered. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most fun, healthy, and low-impact exercises that one can do.

Cyclists have come up with many different versions of the traditional cycle. Mountain biking is an exercise that offers far more benefits when you compare it with old-school cycling. It provides a full-body workout as you need to use both the lower and upper body simultaneously.

Why to go For Mountain Biking

Many fitness enthusiasts ask this question. They wonder why should they opt for it rather than traditional cycling. The reason is simple: it is exciting, fun, and gives you that adrenalin rush. Additionally, it is pretty easy to master and you can easily improve at it with time.

The best thing about it is that you can make it a social activity. Grab your bike, go out with friends, and do an amazing, full-body workout without even feeling that you are exercising.

Why do You Need a Specialized Mountain Bike?

Mountain biking is carried out on rough terrains like mountains, bumpy roads and narrow paths. As the terrain is not smooth, they are bikes designed specially for durability. As compared to normal bikes, they have wider tires and a stronger, bigger frame. Moreover, the bikes are very powerful to handle the roughness.

Because of the size, frame, resistance, and weight, these bikes are not appropriate for daily use. However, the DKALN Taiwan Brand Bicycle 26 Inch Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Disc Brake 810 strikes a remarkable balance between endurance, speed and weight. Hence, it can be used for your daily commute.

Benefits of Mountain Biking

Now that it is clear why you need a mountain bike, let’s see what are the benefits of mountain biking.

Increases your Heart’s Health: Do you feel your heart pumping faster as you climb up a hill? The heart pumps faster as it needs to provide oxygen to the body quickly. The same is the case when you are mountain biking. It engages the major muscles like the calf, hamstrings, and quadriceps. These are big muscle groups and need more oxygen. This allows your heart to work and keep healthy.

Get a Full Body Workout: Mountain biking allows you to get a full-body workout. While you bike, you engage both your lower and upper body. Your legs work while you pedal, your arms are engaged while you maneuver the bike and your core is used to tackle the terrain. There are very few types of equipment that allow you to have a full-body workout like this.

Weight Loss: According to research conducted by Harvard Health, if you mountain bike for half an hour, it can help burn 300 calories. However, this is not the minimum. You can burn much more if you increase the level of difficulty.

Easy on the Joints: Other machines like the treadmill can be a little tough on the joints. Compared to them, mountain biking is almost a zero-load-bearing sport. Furthermore, it works to strengthen the ligaments and joints. It is often recommended to athletes who are on the journey of recovery.

Elevates the Mood: When you are out in nature, your mood automatically elevates. Moreover, biking also helps you sleep better. Therefore, you wake up in a better mood.

Final Words

There were just some of the benefits that mountain biking offers. It is an excellent hobby and overall workout. So, if you want to go ahead and reap the benefits of mountain biking, check out our collection of amazing mountain bikes. At Fitness Depot, we have something for everyone!

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