How to Effectively Use the Treadmill – Absolute Guide

How to Effectively Use the Treadmill – Absolute Guide

Treadmills are one of the most versatile fitness equipment on the market. Not only does it provide an efficient and convenient way to run but it also helps in burning calories, improving heart health, and building endurance. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a fitness pro, understanding how to effectively use the treadmill is going to make your fitness journey easier.

In this guide, we will explain how to use the treadmill properly. Many people use it for running or jogging without understanding the basics. Let’s see how it should be done.

1.  Understand Your Treadmill

Each treadmill is different. Firstly, you need to familiarize yourself with the machine. The best way is to read the instruction manual that comes with the treadmill. Each manufacturer has its guide that they provide.

Learn how to adjust the incline and speed. Look for the emergency stop button and also the safety clip. You should know exactly where they are in case you need to stop the treadmill in an emergency.

For instance, both the AMERICAN FITNESS TREADMILL 141-E and the Nordictrack USA T6.5-Si Treadmill might look almost the same, but both have a different description and features that they offer. Therefore, you need to know your machine.

2.  Warm-up – Loosen Up Those Muscles

Again, most people forget that warming up before using the treadmill is one thing you should not miss. Generally, people just jump onto the treadmill and start with the workout. Warm-up allows your body to prepare for the exercise by priming the muscles, increasing the heart rate, and increasing blood flow.

Most importantly, a proper warm-up saves you from injuring the muscles by prepping up the body for jogging/running on the treadmill.

3.  Maintain a Proper Posture

Posture is very important to perfect. Until you maintain a proper posture, you can’t reap the benefits of the treadmill. You are supposed to stand straight, head up and the shoulders should be relaxed. Let your arms down and they should swing naturally.

The ideal way is to avoid holding the handrails. This can strain the back and cause injury.

4.  Use the Incline

Never walk on the treadmill without an incline. If you don’t want to challenge your body to the extreme or are a beginner, set the incline to 1 or 2. This slight incline will be equivalent to walking fast on the sidewalk.

If you set the incline to zero, it will be even easier than walking outside. This is because even smooth pavements have some sort of roughness to them and a slight incline whatsoever.

5.  Skip Looking at the Console Again and Again

Try not to keep track of the console for long. You will have to bend a little and then look at the console. This can make you hunch, consequently ruining the posture. The best idea is not to worry too much about the time. Once you are done with the job/run, you can glance at the console. If you think the time is less, jog some more.

6.  Focus on Interval Training

An excellent way to boost burning calories is to incorporate interval training. It will also improve your endurance. Throw in high-intensity effort and couple it with recovery periods. This boost of greater intensity will not only keep your workouts engaging but will also increase calorie burning.

Final Words

Last but not least, it is imperative to choose a high-quality machine. At Fitness Depot Pakistan, we provide a range of economical and quality treadmills. Keeping in mind the target audience, there is something for everyone. So, pick your treadmill today and start your weight loss journey!

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