Here’s Why You Should Invest in an Exercise Mat

Here's Why You Should Invest in an Exercise Mat

When you think about buying some manual gym equipment, dumbbells or stretching bands are the first things to come to mind. While these manual gym equipment are quite useful, you shouldn’t forget about a simple yet effective item – the exercise mat.

The exercise mat is an underrated gym item – mainly because its purpose is not clear to those who are new to fitness and physical exercise.

But fitness enthusiasts know that they only need an exercise mat and a few other pieces of equipment for a full exercise routine. Because the exercise mat is a versatile item with numerous benefits, there are several kinds of exercise mats available today including the following:

5 Benefits of Exercise Mats

If you’re new to physical exercise or yoga, you might not be aware of all the benefits that exercise mats offer. While you might have figured out some uses of this versatile gym equipment, here is a comprehensive 5-benefit list of exercise mats:

1. Protecting the Flooring

If you’ve visited a gym, you might have noticed the rubber flooring. These are actually rubber mats that protect the flooring from heavy equipment being slammed on the floor like dumbbells or barbells.

2. Keeping Safe from Injuries

While the rubber flooring at the gym is effective at protecting the flooring, it also serves another purpose. These mats can protect the gym-goers from injuries during exercise. Hard flooring could put a strain on the muscles and bones, especially the tailbone and the spine. The soft flooring can help fitness enthusiasts keep going without injuries.

3. Non-Slip Exercise Surface

While doing yoga or Pilates, sweat on a slippery surface like wood or vinyl could cause anyone to slip. It also lowers the whole experience of a relaxing exercise routine like Yoga. A yoga or exercise mat is also necessary for providing a non-slip surface for different movements – giving fitness enthusiasts a rich and safe experience.

4. Cushioning for the Spine and Joints

As mentioned before, yoga or exercise mats serve as a cushioning for the spine and joints whilst performing the exercises. This includes cushioning for the spine, knees, tailbone, and hips.

Most people don’t know that mats come in different thicknesses. The mats used for Pilates are 1/2” thick, which provides cushioning and enough support during the routine. On the other hand, yoga mats are 1/8” thick. The reason why yoga mats are preferably thinner is covered in the next benefit.

5. Give Proper Balance for Exercises

Yoga mats are thinner than Pilates or exercise mats because you need to feel the floor for executing the movements properly and maintaining balance. Mats used for yoga are also smaller than the ones used for Pilates.

Final Words

When you go to a sports shop, you might see several types of yoga and exercise mats around. However, to pick the right mat, do consider the purpose you will use it for. If you want to use a mat for yoga, make sure you select a mat that is thin, yet durable. For Pilates or aerobics exercises, consider buying a thicker mat to support your joints.

Secondly, no matter which kind of exercise mats you are choosing, buy from reliable fitness specialists like the Fitness Depot. This way you can be sure that you’re investing in a high-quality mat that would benefit you for a long time.

The Fitness Depot also has an online store so, if you don’t have the time to visit, consider buying it online. Because of the Fitness Depot’s reputation, you can stay worry-free about the quality.

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