Roll Your Way to Results: The Ultimate Ab Roller Guide

Roll Your Way to Results: The Ultimate Ab Roller Guide

Want to know which is the best exercise equipment to engage your abs, core, glutes, hip flexors, etc.? No, it is not the heavy-duty equipment like the treadmill and recumbent bike, rather it is the Ab roller.

According to a recent study, the wheel rollout has been declared as one of the top exercises that help activate the abs. Moreover, studies have shown that they are better than crunches if you want to target the abdominal area.

Even though they seem very easy to use, it is still one of those types of equipment that people use wrong. In this guide, we will talk about how to gain maximum results with it.

7 Steps to Use the Ab Roller Effectively

It is best to use the ab roller wheel on the floor. If you want to use a yoga mat to provide a cushion for your body, you can keep the lower body on it. Don’t push the ab roller on the yoga mat or it will ruin it. The surface should be non-slip. Get down on your knees in a kneeling position. The ab roller should be placed under your shoulders.

A firm grip is the key. This is important as most people confuse a firm grip with a tight one. If you hold on too tightly, the arm muscles will tense. This can result in pain and tension all along the forearms to the wrists, neck, and even shoulders.  If these muscles tense up, you are going to feel pain in them soon. Consequently, your abs will not properly engage.

Inhale and tighten your core. While relaxing the hip flexors, you can tuck the tailbone. Your spine should be pointing up. When you start, the back should be up like a cat’s back.

Roll the ab wheel slowly in front of you by extending your arms forward. Going slow is the key.People think that momentum is important in this exercise while it is not. When you go slow, you will feel the tightness in your abs only after a few rounds.

Pro Tip: The common mistake in using the ab roller is that as people progress into the workout, they relax and let their hips down. This makes the exercise way easier. However, it can put a lot of pressure on your back, especially the lower back.

Once you are done with the extension, engage your core to come back to the original position.

 If you want increased stability and balance, we recommend going for the two-wheel ab wheeler. Because of the two wheels, balancing is not an issue.

Keep a check on your breathing: You will notice that mostly during Ab-oriented workouts, people don’t breathe properly. They hold their breath while exercising. This can complicate the workout.

Remember, inhale as you roll out and exhale as you roll forward. Without proper oxygen flow, the muscles won’t work properly.

3 Common Ab Wheel Mistakes to Avoid

Following are the 3 mistakes that people commonly make while using an ab roller:

Bending the Elbows While Rolling the Roller Back: If you do this, all the work is done by the triceps and the core does not engage.

Using the Hips to Roll in: If you do this, the hip flexors and engaged instead of the core.

When You Tilt the Pelvis: when you do so, it can engage in severe back pain as the lumbar spine is engaged instead of the core.

Final Words

Lastly, it is important to work with high-quality equipment. An Ab roller is not a very complicated fitness equipment and people don’t bother much while buying it. You need to understand how low-quality products don’t just make the workout complicated, they can be a safety hazard too.

At Fitness Depot Pakistan, we believe in providing the best. The wheels we are offering are made of high-quality rubber that offers the perfect amount of traction. The handles are ergonomic, providing excellent balance and stability.

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