The Future of Exercise Machines: Trends to Watch Out For

The Future of Exercise Machines: Trends to Watch Out For

Technology allows us to explore endless possibilities in the world of research, business, and even fitness. In fitness, technologies like Fitbits help fitness enthusiasts achieve their health goals. Many others use smartphone apps to track and control their calories.

Like these gadgets, the world of fitness is transforming with new trends in exercise machines. While age-old gym machines like treadmills and stationary bikes might still exist 50 years from now, they might not look the same they do today.

So, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, read on to find out which trends are changing the exercise machines of today:

Gamified Fitness

Gamification has found its way in everything, be it assessments, hiring, or fitness. Gamified fitness uses elements like rewards, leaderboards, scores, and bonuses to keep people engaged. While right now gamified fitness hasn’t made its way into exercise machines, it won’t be long before exercise machines have video-game-like elements in it.

Right now, gamified fitness includes the use of smartphone programs to track fitness, earn rewards, progress through levels, and compete with friends and family.

Personalized Fitness

Many fitness apps are now making use of AI to provide a personalized workout routine and diet recommendations based on the individual’s goals and health levels. The field is also emerging to allow apps to use DNA analysis to provide better recommendations.

These smartphone apps will soon get integrated into exercise machines. This will allow smartphone apps to recommend which exercise machines to use, the resistance, elevation, and the time. These recommendations will soon allow users to make the most out of their time at the gym and make sure that they meet their fitness goals within the time they plan, and in a healthy manner.

Time-Optimized Fitness

Even though technologies are designed to ease our efforts (like machines allowed us to wash clothes without investing a lot of time), we want everything super quick. This is why YouTube and Facebook have introduced reels and shorts so people can consume more content more quickly.

This need for quick and short has also made its way into fitness. One big trend that will shape the fitness industry is the popularity of time-optimized workouts. This is why machines will now be used for time-optimized fitness programs like high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Home Fitness

Even after the pandemic, people have shown continued interest in solutions they adopted during the pandemic. For instance, they don’t want to let go of work-from home and hybrid work arrangements. They prefer online meetings and conferences to in-person meetings. And they want to work out at home instead of heading to the gym.

People are also more inclined towards home gyms because it gives them the convenience to work out whenever they want to.

Because of this preference, gym machines now have features like touch screens, motion sensors, and cameras. This will allow users to connect to online classes and trainers. The Pro-form Treadmill Pro-2000 is one such machine that allows users to stream live events or get in touch with on-demand personal trainers. You can also become a part of Global workouts when you invest in this high-tech treadmill.

Many gyms are also offering hybrid classes to people who want to work out at home. The gym equipment and exercise machines will soon transform to meet this new requirement.

Final Words

Because technology is evolving, everything is changing. 15-20 years from now, we might recognize the gym equipment and machines, but they will be much more advanced than they are today.

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