Understanding the Basics of a Twister Machine

Understanding the Basics of a Twister Machine

Are you struggling to get rid of the extra fat along your love handles? Does the extra belly fat bring down your confidence? Or, do you just want toned abs? If yes, the twister machine (torso machine) is for you!

A common gym equipment, the twister machine is a simple rotating board that you stand on. While holding the handles, you use your body weight to move it both clockwise and anticlockwise. Surprisingly simple, it targets your obliques, helps to achieve toner abs and increases overall fitness.

However, the twister machine can’t solely be used to reduce tummy fat or lose weight.

Why the Twister Machine Can’t be Used to Reduce Body Weight

Even though the twister machine is a good addition to the fitness equipment, you can’t rely on it for weight loss due to the following reasons.

1. Engages Limited Muscles

The twister machine targets just the core and not any other muscle group. To lose weight, you need to do exercises that target the entire body or a larger number of muscles. Moreover, you need to have an elevated heart rate to lose weight.

Using a twister machine does not burn a lot of calories as it just focuses on the core. It does not increase the heart rate like other cardiovascular exercises do.

2. Focuses on Sculpting Rather than Burning

It is not designed for weight loss but rather for sculpting and toning the body. It is also used to strengthen the core for a defined midsection.

Remember, a defined midsection does not mean that you will lose weight. Weight loss is associated with creating a calorie deficit and burning more than what you consume. A twister machine will not help you in doing so.

Some twister machines like the 5 station home gym have an added twister machine for the full body workout.

3 Tips to Maximize Weight Loss

Even with a twister machine, you can lose weight if done right. Following are a few tips that can expedite your weight loss.

  • To ensure that weight loss occurs, don’t use the machine in isolation. Include some high-intensity training like swimming, jogging and cycling in your routine.
  • Create a calorie deficit. The rule to weight loss is simple: burn more than you consume. If you eat a healthy diet and exercise properly, you will lose weight.
  • Once you are comfortable with the twister machine, go ahead and increase the intensity. You can do multiple exercises like lunges, and squats and even hold poses for longer for a better effect.

Twister Machine Workout

In this section, we will include a simple yet effective twister machine workout.

  • Adjust the Setting: You might need to adjust the setting for the machine first. Check if you can adjust the handles.
  • Always warm up before you get on the machine even if it is for 1 minute. A good warm-up allows you to loosen the joints and increase the heart rate.
  • Position your body correctly: You must be standing with your knees shoulder-width apart. Hold the handles firmly but not too hard or you will strain your arm muscles. Your grip should be firm.
  • Make sure to engage your core before you start the workout. Draw in your core and hold it.
  • Now, it’s time to start exercising. Twist your hips to one side and then the other.
  • Once you are done, take a minute to cool down your body temperature.

Final Words

If you are looking for a fun way to strengthen your core and kick-start your weight loss journey, the twister machine is for you. At Fitness Depot, we have a wide range of fitness equipment that can help you lose weight. Check out the website to find the best match for you.

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